$73.99 USD
  1. Famisafe Doorbell A3
  2. Wireless Door Dingdong Chime
  3. Rechargeable 18650 Batteries
  4. Screw Package
  5. Usage Instruction

Step 1: Take out the back cover.

Step 2: Fix the back cover of doorbell on the wall.
a. Install the back cover on the wall by screw (Standard Accessories) or paste it on the glass with 3M sticker(not included in standard accessories).
b. Connect the AC(8-24V) wire (not included in standard accessories) to the external power hole by electric conduction screw.

Step 3: Install the battery
a. Take out the battery cover, insert Micro SD card (Class 6 or above, not included in standard accessories) and install 18650 battery(not included in standard accessories).
b. Press the Reset button 5S, and waiting for blue indicator slow flash.
c. Tighten the battery cover and screw. Install the device and bracket.

Connect the device

1. Download the APP “Anyhome” from the mobile application market, open the APP. (In order to let the users have a better using experiences, please turn on all the notifications to avoid the notifications get failure.)

2. Open the App, click the “+” in the middle to enter into the next step.

3. Please make sure that you have connected the wifi successfully, choose "Set up device".
Note: Your phone should be connected with wifi successfully.

4. Make sure the device is under configuration status when starts to set. When the device get the power and enter into the configuration status, there is a voice prompt "Enter into the configuration status".

5. If you didn’t hear the voice prompt, please press the button on the video doorbell and wake up the device. Long press the reset key for 3 seconds and release it till the blue LED light on, the device will restart and enter into the configuration status.

6. The wifi network name will be automatically obtained and then please input the password. And Turn the phone’s volume up to maximum.(The device supports 2.4G wifi network only, do not support 5G network.)

Please Note: Please do not turn off the phone’s voice prompt, otherwise it will cause to pair failure.

7. The phone emits sound waves, please keep quiet at the moment, place the phone within 30cm from the device and wait for the device configuration network.

8. The device already connected to the network, please input the device name and password, the password requires more than 8, including capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers. And please select the network location which the device connected.

9. Setup finish.


Click on the icon “Device settings” to enter setting page.


  • Silence: Mobile phone will receive the notifications.
  • Notification: Application will send messages to Mobile phone when someone press the doorbell or there is a call.
  • Call in: Application will call you when someone presses the doorbell or there is a call.

QR code:
Send the QR code and share it with your friends.

Delete the camera:

  • Mobile phone will not receive the notifications after you delete the camera.
  • But the camera still works and other connected mobile phones can also receive the notifications.

PIR function (Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor)
Click on “PIR detection” to enter the next settings.

Disabled: Turn off the PIR function.

  • Low: The device will take videos and send an alert to mobile phone if the device detected someone moving last for 7S.
  • Middle: The device will take videos and send an alert to mobile phone if the device detected someone moving last for 5S.
  • High: The device will take videos and send an alert to mobile phone if the device detected someone moving last for 1S.

Note: Please turn off or set the “Infrared detection ” to “low ” in a crowed environment to extend battery life.

Memory Management

There are two kinds of storage modes for the doorbell, cloud storage and external SD card storage, respectively.

The doorbell comes with the cloud storage function. When opened, it will save the video for the last 7 days and save 20 videos each day of system default. The video can be viewed whenever and wherever possible via the “Anyhome” APP.

Note: Only the ringing and PIR triggered video will be saved.

The External SD card storage:
The doorbell supports an external SD card and supports up to 32GB of external memory card. Ringing and PIR triggered videos are saved to the SD card. Manual recording/photographing of videos and pictures will also be saved on the memory card. The video can be viewed on the "Anyhome" APP.

Famisafe Doorbell A3 FAQs

  • Famisafe Doorbell A3 is compatible with most mechanical or digital doorbell kits that use transformers between 8 and 24 volts AC. DC transformers are not supported.

  • Famisafe Doorbell A3 is compatible with 802.11 b/g/n WiFi networks operating on 2.4 gHz frequencies. Famisafe recommends WPA2 Wi-Fi security.

  • Famisafe Doorbell A3 will only use data when it's activated by a motion or when you access the Live View. If Famisafe Doorbell A3 doesn't detect motion or isn't activated with the app, it won't use your data.

  • Yes. You are able to make subsidiary or shared accounts with other users that will allow them limited control over your Famisafe Doorbell A3.

  • No. As long as you're not signed out of the app, your smartphone or tablet will receive the notification.