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  2. User Manual
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Quick Start Guide
  1. Download the Nut app
  2. Registration/Login
  3. Turn on Bluetooth
  4. Pair Famisafe Finder Z3
  5. Name the Famisafe Finder Z3 for future reference
  6. Installing the Strap
Setting Up the Famisafe Finder Z3

1. Download the Nut app.

Search for “Nut” on the App store or Google play.

You can also scan the below QR code to download the Nut app.

2. Registration/Login

Open the Nut app to registrate or login.

3. Turn on Bluetooth

  • Enable phone Bluetooth and location services before pairing your Famisafe Finder Z3.
  • Select "Bind Bluetooth Tracker" or “Add Hardware” for android to bind your new Famisafe Finder Z3 with your account.

4. Pair Famisafe Finder Z3

  • Hold down the button on the face of the Famisafe Finder Z3. The Tag will then make a sound and a light will appear.
  • Your app will now be able to see the Tracker, please select to begin binding.

Multiple trackers can be paired with one account. Up to 12 trackers can be paired with an iPhone. 4-6 Trackers can be paired with an Android phone.

5. Name the Famisafe Finder Z3 for future reference.

  • Name the Famisafe Finder Z3 and take a photo of the item it will be attached to for future reference.
  • Click Finish to save!

6. Installing the Strap

Please refer to the below to learn how to install the strap. Famisafe Finder Z3 can be attahced to your keychain, bag or other items via the strap.

Product Features

1. One Touch Find

Press the “Beep” button within App to call your Famisafe Finder Z3, when it is connected to your phone.

2. Find Your Phone

Press the Nut button twice to call your phone, when they are connected.

3. Disconnected Alarm

  • Both the Famisafe Finder Z3 and your phone will sound an alarm when they disconnect.
  • The Nut app will automatically record the ‘last know location’, this is when Famisafe Finder Z3 was disconnected from your phone. Using One- touch navigation will guide you to this location.

4. Find-it Mode

Set the Famisafe Finder Z3 to find-it mode to disable all the anti-loss alarms. Whilst in this mode you can ‘share items’ with other users.

5. Smart Silence

There are three ‘silent modes’ in the Nut App:

Set your home and work place as silent regions. Set bed time as a silent period or set interim silent mode for meetings.

Famisafe Finder Z3 FAQs

  • When Famisafe Finder Z3 is connected, the distance is displayed on the main interface by the signal dots and the text. The more signal dots get green, the stronger the signal is, and the closer you are from Famisafe Finder Z3. (Famisafe Finder Z3 signals are actually Bluetooth signals, the signals might be blocked by some barriers.)

  • When Famisafe Finder Z3 is connected, press the item photo on the main interface to the setting interface. Press the “Location” button and you can check the location of Famisafe Finder Z3;
    When Famisafe Finder Z3 is disconnected, press the “Location” button and you can check the location where Famisafe Finder Z3 gets disconnected with your phone.

  • When Famisafe Finder Z3 is connected with your phone, long press the button and your phone will beep for you to find it.

  • Famisafe Finder Z3 and Nut App is available as long as your phone system is Android 4.3 or above, IOS 7.0 or above and supports Bluetooth 4.0.

  • Please try to replace another battery, and long press Famisafe Finder Z3 button, if Famisafe Finder Z3 sounds an alarm and red light flashes, you can enjoy this Famisafe Finder Z3 normally. If still does not work, please replace the battery .