How to track a car with GPS

Here is a guide on how to track a car with gps and devices that can be used for car tracking.

Do you believe that GPS tracking is only for fleet management? Or have you heard a lot about GPS car tracking but unsure on whether you need it? Well, GPS car tracking system is not just for fleet management, they are useful for vehicle owners and parents too. These are technology enabled system that provides instantaneous data about speed and location. GPS trackers are portable devices to track and monitor cars, trucks and other vehicles. Technology has reinvented lives, and introduced a whole new era of tools, innovations and gadgets. A Global Positioning System (GPS) device is one of the most innovative inventions of technology. It helps you stay well informed about the location of your vehicle anywhere and anytime. No just your vehicle, it also helps you stay in track of the safety of your loved ones in that vehicle.

One of the most common questions faced by vehicle owners is how GPS tracking works and how to track a car with GPS. Most GPS tracking devices use a network of satellites to find out the exact location of the device. A GPS tracker is also capable of broadcasting the location from the device to ensure that you know where you vehicle is at all times.

People often confuse GPS tracker with a car navigation system. Well, there is a significant difference between both these devices. A car navigation system navigates the car and gives directions while a GPS tracker broadcasts location in real time and keeps record of driving habits.

Benefits of Car GPS Tracker

There are several reasons that make GPS tracker an investment for your car. It includes

  • Real time tracking – A GPS tracker will give you real time tracking of your vehicle. It will help you calculate the overall distance traveled by the car and the mileage consumption.
  • Manage multiple cars – If you own multiple cars or have drivers operating them, a GPS tracker will help you manage your cars. It will give accurate information of where the car is going and routes taken by driver.
  • Get Informed about Accidents – Several high end car GPS trackers come with feature of accident recognition. If the vehicle meets with an accident, it will also identify the location, speed and time of the accident.
  • Security – A GPS tracking device also acts as a security cover for your prized car. In case the car gets stolen, it is possible to locate and recover the car with GPS location.
  • Keep a tab on kids – If you have a teen kid, keeping a tab on his activities without violating their privacy is critical. Once you understand how to track a car with GPS, it is possible to pull up your teen’s location in real time. It will also help you check whether they have been driving in speed limit or not.

Devices that can be used for car tracking

If you look for car tracking GPS devices in the market, there are endless options available. Choosing the right device to suit your needs is a difficult decision. Here are few top car tracking devices you can consider

1. Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

Monitors location with pinpoint accuracy, the GL 300 Mini Portable GPS Tracker is reliable and affordable. The movement and location of the device can be monitored via computer, phone or tablet. It is a top-of-the-line device that offers advanced features at affordable prices. Being compact in size, it can be easily carried in pockets or purse.

How to track a car with GPS
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  • Battery operated so lightweight
  • Battery has two week life
  • Real time tracking
  • Motion detection based on acceleration


  • Expensive subscription
  • Mobile app not present

2. The Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker

100 percent accurate mileage and log maintaining system, the The Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker is designed to give you peace of mind. It is a complete tamper proof system that vehicle owners trust. It is mainly for fleet businesses and others whose accounting depends on the mileage logs of their vehicles. Data is uploaded once the car comes back in the Wi-Fi range.

This is not a real time tracker. It is more of a compiling software for taxes, insurance and documentation.

How to track a car with GPS
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  • Reliable for data compiling
  • Save time of maintaining mileage logs
  • Cheaper subscription
  • Tamper proof logs


  • Not a real time tracker
  • No geo-fencing

3. MOTOsafety OBD Teen Driving Coach Vehicle Monitoring System

Loaded with several features, the MOTOsafety OBD Teen Driving Coach Vehicle Monitoring System is an advanced GPS tracking system. You will not only learn how to track a car with this system but also enjoy a variety of features. You can identify bad driving habits, certain off-limits, review routes taken and more. It is a combination of GPS tracking and a system that offers car information. You also get a teen driving education course along with this system.

How to track a car with GPS
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  • Mobile apps to track from anywhere
  • Allows to set geofences
  • Value for money
  • 100 percent accuracy of location, speed, direction, traffic and more


  • SMS notifications
  • Setting speed alerts properly is difficult.

It is not necessary that a GPS device has to be heavy on your pocket. This is a common misconception held by most car owners. It is possible to have a reliable yet affordable GPS tracking device. This device brings peace of mind, gives you accurate information on how to track a car with gps. It also helps in improving the overall efficiency of your car. Invest in GPS device; do not consider it as an expense. It is an essential element for safety and security of your fleet of cars. Whether you have a car fleet as a business or are an individual car owner, you cannot deny the benefits of a GPS tracking system. Look for the options available and compare features of different models. You can easily find a device that suits your pocket and needs. Technology is evolving very rapidly, so make sure you will evolve along with it.

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