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$19.99 USD
$19.99 USD
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Famisafe Finder Z3

$19.99 USD
$19.99 USD
$19.99 USD
$19.99 USD
$37.99 USD
$59.99 USD

Key Finder, Anti-Lost Bluetooth Tracking Locator for Keys, Phones, Wallets, Bags with APP Control Compatible with iOS & Android


The simplest way to stay connected with your items.

Famisafe Finder Z3 helps people like you to connect items you always lost or you care about through advanced technology that gives you peace of mind from losing them in the simplest and smartest way.

Small to carry
Easy to Find
Match for all products

More than a key finder, smart tracking everything

Exprience smartest searching routine with famisafe. Save more times on looking for your keys, wallet, phone and more. Nut keyfinder brings an extra smart anti lost solution when your keyfinder is out of safety range, your phone can remind you to with beep to alarm you. Smart reminder to track your belongings in the first place before you really lost items.

Key Finder
Wallet Finder
Laptop Finder
Pet Finder
Bag Finder

Easily locate your belongings in your fingertips

No more panic when your items get lost. Easily locate your items with famisafe keyfinder by your own or by the help from other keyfinder users.

Location Record

Record where and when your keyfinder got disconnected on the map.

Item Find Network

When other users approach your lost items, you will get a private notification with the items' locations

Privacy Protection

Privacy and location information will be well protected. All the information will be accessed only by owners.

What you can find are not only your items

Rely on a simple smart keyfinder, you can locate what you lost and find your phone easily with a single button. Bluetooth LE technology will power you a strong connection up to 150 ft depending on obstruction.

One Touch Find

Call the keyfinder on the App, the keyfinder will have a ring alarm for you to find it.

Bidirectional Alarm

Famisafe Finder Z3 button can make a ring on your phone even it's silent when your phone is left behind or out of the bluetooth area.

Long Standby Time

The famisafe’s battery provide up to one year usage duration and can be easily replaced using a replaceble battery.Minimize the power battery and maximize the battery life.

1 year battery life
Replaceble battery

Installing Famisafe Finder Z3

Download app

Turning your phone into a finder by an app.


Attach keyfinder to keys, wallets, phone, bags, remotes...


Tap the app to find your lost items. Press keyfinder to make your phone ring–even on a silent mode.

Famisafe Finder Z3 FAQs

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