Review: Hype Smart Watch for Kids

Curious about the Hype Smartwatch? This article includes a comprehensive review of the latest accessory from Hype.

Congruence, Comfort, and Convenience. These are the three pillars upon which modern technology is built. Be it software or hardware, technology allows us to lead more comfortable lives. Smartwatches are an excellent example, these devices fit into our lives perfectly as fashionable accessories that perform several functions. Smartwatches can improve fitness, take calls, track location, monitor your heart rate and so much more.

With all this in mind, we in this article, introduce you to the Hype Smartwatch for Kids designed to bring congruence, comfort, and convenience to your children’s lives.

Review: Hype Smart Watch for Kids

2. What is Hype Smartwatch?

Hype, the designers behind shirts, dresses, and jackets beloved by everyone, including kids present the brand new Hype Smartwatch. The smartwatch combines technological prowess with a vibrant, colorful presentation, making it, unlike anything you’ve seen on the market. The geniuses behind the Hype Smartwatch wanted to create an accessory that will enrich children’s lives through style and technology. The smartwatch's bright, vibrant style is the perfect addition to Hype's line of fashion accessories.

Review: Hype Smart Watch for Kids

3. Hype smartwatch review - All you need to know

Packaging and Presentation

The Hype Smartwatch package is simple but stylish. It consists of a plastic tray inside a box. The box itself making it the perfect children's present. When your children unwrap the gift, they will have no problem opening the box without accessories like scissors. When you unpack the watch, you will find the familiar components you want from a smartwatch: power system, manual, and the watch. We appreciated the simple, but stylish package of the Hype Smartwatch because we could open it quickly.

Overall Design

The Hype smartwatch was designed for children. Those who are old enough to appreciate the benefits of technology, but too young for more delicate devices. We can see the appeal to children in its design. The smartwatch screen has a large, blocky appearance making it easy to read or having access to all its features. Alongside the screen is the power button, large and thick enough for short, stubby fingers to press without difficulty. The strap is as thick as it is wide, made out of silicone it is smooth to touch and a pleasure to wear. Capping off the design is the color scheme: you can choose from red, orange, blue and black just to name a few. Overall, we liked the colorful, thick, blocky design because it is perfectly compatible with kid’s tastes. However, those who are seeking a smartwatch with a sleeker more sophisticated look may not like the smartwatch.

Bluetooth Connection

The first thing we noticed, upon testing the Hype Smartwatch, is its Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect to your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) via Bluetooth. With the Bluetooth, connection users can send messages or make calls directly to the mobile device. We imagine several parents using this feature, especially when children are out with friends or just not in the house. Connecting to Bluetooth is a rather simple process: Search for and turn on Bluetooth via the icon on the LCD screen. We highly recommend connecting to Bluetooth, as soon as you get the watch. While there are plenty of internal functions within the Hype smartwatch, connecting via Bluetooth increases functionality. One of these added functions is the option to play your smartphone’s music collection on the phone itself. We feel that Bluetooth connectivity is the strongest feature, and you should not hesitate to take advantage of it.

Play Music

You can play music through a Bluetooth connection, as mentioned in the previously. We found playing music on the smartwatch to be a pleasant experience, considering that it was a smartwatch. The sound was crisp, clear and perfectly acceptable. Some of our testers listen to music via the smartwatch when getting ready in the morning or jogging. While the sound quality is not mind-blowing (which is to be expected) we were able to enjoy several of our favorite tunes from the smartwatch itself. It works as a viable alternative in places where you cannot have your phone with you. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed listening to music, and we are confident that kids will enjoy this feature. Kids can listen to their favorite podcasts, songs and radio channels from music player strapped their wrist.

LCD Touchscreen

You access Bluetooth connectivity and music through the touchscreen mechanism. The LCD screen is quite large, with easily recognizable icons. A clever design to ensure even novice tech users don’t get lost when navigating the device. The LCD screen has a resolution of 128x128 pixels, which is not the sharpest resolution, but still perfectly acceptable for identifying and selecting icons. However, we were particularly impressed with the touchscreen feature. It is incredibly precise and accurate, we never had any trouble with navigation. Some of our testers had short, stubby fingers and never once did they have any trouble navigating the screen. The touchscreen is underrated, yet a highly crucial feature of the Hype Smartwatch. Seamless, effortless navigation is crucial to the user experience, and we enjoyed the touchscreen mechanism.

Different ‘Modes’

The Hype Smartwatch has different ‘modes’ the term refers to the different apps. The smartwatch divides these apps into different modes to make power usage more efficient. As an example when you select the ‘Calculator’ icon on the screen, you activate calculator mode. The use of modes over conventional apps optimizes battery usage. Hence, the battery lasts for a long time before having to be charged again. The smartwatch’s unique way of handling ‘modes’ will be handy for children who spend a lot of time outdoors. We were also glad to see the Hype Smartwatch make the most out of its battery through the use of battery optimization.

‘Modes’ For Children

At the beginning of this review, we mentioned that Hype aims to introduce good habits into children’s lives through their smartwatch. We got this impression when browsing through the different ‘modes’ kids would have access to. The Hype Smartwatch has several programs like ‘Drinking Water’ (which reminds you to drink water), Pedometer (for running) and more. Other programs include an alarm clock, calendar, and sleep monitor. We feel these modes are perfectly suited for children because it helps them maintain their schedule and even encourages healthy habits. Those who are looking for more features may be disappointed by the current offering. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Hype smartwatches are made for young children. The ‘modes’ on offer are more than suitable for children.

Review: Hype Smart Watch for Kids

User Experience

We enjoyed our time with the Hype Smartwatch. Navigation was smooth, with no problems and battery usage was well optimized. Along with smooth navigation and long battery life, the smartwatch had a strong suite of apps or modes. The modes were useful though basic when compared to more advanced smartwatches. However, we also recognize that the apps/mode are useful for children (the target market for this product). We loved the look of the watch with its sporty, stylish design. However, some users may be put off by the limited functionality of the smartwatch. Even though Bluetooth connectivity can expand functionality to include call and text messaging. Overall, we feel that the Hype Smartwatch is a fantastic product and a great accessory for young children. Though its appeal to customers outside that demographic is limited.

The Hype Smartwatch is the perfect device to introduce your children to the world of style and technology. The smartwatch offers features designed to impart good habits to your children, giving them the value that lasts a lifetime. Through this smartwatch, Hype aims to bring the wonders, and convenience of a smartwatch to children who are too young for more complex and delicate devices. If you need a smartwatch that is simple, accessible and affordable for your children to play with, then look no further than the Hype smartwatch.

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