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Famisafe Cam F53 FAQs

When there is the movement, Famisafe Cam F53 sends push notifications or email alerts to you instantly. The siren or customized voice alerts sounds at the same time to warn off the unwanted.

Famisafe Cam F53 records videos when it is activated by motion. Motion clips are saved in the micro SD card by default (needs separate purchase) or uploaded to Famisafe Cloud (if you subscribe).
Also, if you want to record clips or take a photo from live video, you can hit Record/Snapshot button via MIPC App or Client. These pictures and videos will be saved in your phone by default, instead of the SD card.

Famisafe Cam F53 will record videos for at least 6 seconds when there is a movement. If the motion continues, the camera will keep recording.

Yes, you can download motion clips saved in the micro SD card to your phone.

Famisafe Cam F53 supports up to 128GB micro SD card and it also works with Cloud service.

Overwriting of SD card is enabled by default. When the SD card gets full, the newly-recorded videos will replace the existing videos. Overwriting starts from the videos that are saved earliest.

Famisafe Cam F53 supports MIPC App on the smartphone (Android 4.0.3 or later & iOS 8.0 or later).

Yes, you can view live feed of up to 24 cameras at the same time on MIPC App and up to 24 cameras on MIPC Client.

Yes, when connected to WiFi network, Famisafe Cam F53 allows 4 users to view live feed in fluent mode at the same time.

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