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Famisafe Finder Z3 FAQs

1. Restart phone Bluetooth.
2. Open Nut App and check the battery. If the battery has been used for more than 3 months, please kindly replace the battery.

Nut app can use for Apple iOS 8.0 and above system phone and for Andrioid 4.3 above system.

When Famisafe Finder Z3 is connected, the distance is displayed on the main interface by the signal dots and the text. The more signal dots get green, the stronger the signal is, and the closer you are from Famisafe Finder Z3. (Famisafe Finder Z3 signals are actually Bluetooth signals, the signals might be blocked by some barriers.)

1. When Famisafe Finder Z3 is connected, press the item photo on the main interface to the setting interface. Press the “Location” button and you can check the location of Famisafe Finder Z3.
2. When Famisafe Finder Z3 is disconnected, press the "Location" button and you can check the location where the Famisafe Finder Z3 gets disconnected with your phone.

When Famisafe Finder Z3 is connected with your phone, long press the button and your phone will beep for you to find it.

1. Bluetooth Famisafe Finder Z3 is not a GPS locator, do not have GPS real-time positioning function, can not track the moving target.
2. Only in the Famisafe Finder Z3 and mobile phone disconnected when the record off the location, that is, the location of the missing items.
3. Narrow the scope of your search to help you quickly find items.

1. Normal battery can stand for 12 months, the use of time about 8 months, the battery model for the CR2032 button batteries.
2. Replace the battery is also very convenient, in the Key Finder lanyard position pry open cover, remove the old battery, the new battery the positive side of the outward or flat up into the cover on the cover to re-boot can continue to use.

You can set silent zone in the main menu by adding the location you like it to be silent, you can adjust the zone range as well.
If you want to delete the silent zone, swipe the silent zone to left to delete.

When your Famisafe Finder Z3 is disconnected, you can use “Declare Lost” for the Network to help you find your Famisafe Finder Z3. All the Nut App users can help you search for your Famisafe Finder Z3 after you declare lost.

1. Tap the item photo on the main interface and go to the setting interface;

2. Tap “Declare Lost” button to the detail interface.
3. Set the Seeking Region and input your Cell Phone No. to submit.
4. Declaration finished with notification as “lost declared”.

The Famisafe Finder Z3 can only be deleted while it is connected. One Key Finder can be paired with another account after it is successfully deleted.
If you force to delete Key Finder while it is disconnected, this Key Finder will be locked and can only be unlocked by the original account.

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