How to Track Sleep on Apple Watch

Do you have questions like does Apple Watch track your sleep or how to track sleep on Apple Watch? Read this comprehensive guide and get your queries resolved.

“Does Apple Watch track sleep? I have been using the watch for a while, but can’t see stats related to my sleep. Can someone tell me how to track sleep on Apple Watch?”

A while back, we got a query like this from one of our readers who wanted to know does the Apple Watch track your sleep or not. Since Apple doesn’t provide a readily available feature, you can’t use it as a sleep tracking device just like that. The good news is that it can be synced with any other third-party app to monitor your sleep. In this way, you would be able to know how much you have rested quite easily. In this guide, we will teach you how to track sleep on Apple Watch in detail.

How to Track Sleep on Apple Watch

Does Apple Watch track sleep?

We all know how important sleep is and if you have a hectic lifestyle, then you should track it regularly as well. The good thing about a wearable device like Apple Watch is that it can give accurate details about our sleep cycle than a smartphone. This brings us to the golden question does Apple Watch track your sleep.

If you are not willing to use any other third-party app, then the answer would be no. This is because by default Apple Watch is not a sleep tracking device. Fortunately, there are countless apps (free and paid) out there that can help us track our sleep. Since they can be synced with your Apple Watch (watchOS), you would be able to use it as an ideal sleep tracking device.

  • There are numerous apps that can help you monitor your sleep with Apple Watch.
  • Most of these apps can help you examine the duration of your light and deep sleep.
  • There are also advanced features like snore prevention, automatic alarms, etc. that can be added to Apple Watch with these apps.
  • Besides that, Apple Watch can track your everyday activity like the steps taken, exercise routine, calories burnt, etc.
  • You can also monitor your heart rate 24/7
  • It also stores the vital body measurements and the medical history of a user
  • With its mindfulness feature, you can calm your senses and work on various breathing exercises.

How to Track Sleep on Apple Watch

How to track sleep on Apple Watch?

Now when you know the answer to does Apple Watch track sleep, you must be wondering how to track sleep on Apple Watch and use it as a sleep tracking device. The answer is simple. There are various third-party apps that you can use to monitor your sleep. Your Apple Watch will sync the data from these apps and include it in the Health feature of your device. For your convenience, we have handpicked the 5 best sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch.

1. AutoSleep

This is one of the most recommended third-party apps that can be used to monitor your sleep on your Apple Watch. It is compatible with every leading version of Apple Watch and will sync your data with your iPhone as well.

How to Track Sleep on Apple Watch

  • Data regarding your sleep records will be updated on a daily basis
  • Comprehensive analysis based on the historical records
  • It also analyzes the quality of your sleep on the basis of deep sleep time, heart rate, awake time, etc.
  • You can track your sleep data from your watch or the iOS device

2. Sleep++

This is another widely popular sleep tracking app that works on watchOS as well as iOS. It has an intuitive user interface that would provide all the vital details regarding your sleep in one place.

How to Track Sleep on Apple Watch

  • It automatically distinguishes your everyday sleep as awake, restful, and restless
  • A wide range of parameters to examine your sleep cycle
  • Dedicated morning sleep summary
  • All the data will be linked to the Health app (watchOS and iOS)

3. Beddit Sleep Monitor

Track the duration and the quality of your sleep with this freely available app. It will also help you connect your daily physical stats with the quality of your sleep.

How to Track Sleep on Apple Watch

  • User-friendly interface for daily and monthly sleep monitoring
  • Adjusted routine suggestions for better sleep quality
  • You can also understand your sleep on the basis of different parameters
  • Available in different languages
  • Compatible with leading iOS and watchOS versions

4. SleepWatch by Bodymatter

This smart sleep monitor app for Apple Watch and other iOS devices is packed with tons of features. While it is available for free, it supports various in-app purchases.

How to Track Sleep on Apple Watch

  • The app will let you know crucial and exact details about your sleep.
  • It can automatically track your sleep and sync it with the Health app.
  • Get daily sleep briefings and compare your scores
  • AI-powered assistance to give personalized insights

5. Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

The Pillow sleep tracker is one of the best automatic sleep monitoring apps for watchOS and iOS out there. While the free version will meet your basic needs, you can upgrade to its premium version in order to obtain detailed stats.

How to Track Sleep on Apple Watch

  • Automatic sleep tracking for Apple Watch
  • It has an inbuilt smart alarm clock to wake you up peacefully.
  • It will suggest you an optimal time to sleep regarding your activity stats.
  • Intelligent audio recording feature to capture sleep talking, snoring, and so on

Once you have selected the app of your choice, you can easily use it to make your Apple Watch a sleep tracking device. Simply grant your device the permission to access data from the downloaded third-party app. In this way, the data related to your sleep will be synced to your device and can be accessed on your Health app as well.

There you go! After reading this guide, you would be able to answer questions like does the Apple Watch track your sleep and how to track sleep on Apple Watch. Feel free to use any of these recommended apps and share your experience with our readers as well.

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