11 Best Teen GPS Tracking Devices for Parents

Are you in search of an auto-tracking device to know your kid’s whereabouts? Amazon has plethora of teen GPS tracking device at reasonable cost.

Teenage is the time when kids indulge themselves in various activities. During this phase of life, they tend to learn the maximum lessons of life through their mistakes.

The Internet poses another severe challenge for teenagers. It makes kids viable from online predators, unfiltered information and the world beyond their maturity. Whatever might be the parenting style of yours, teenager’s safety is a significant concern for all parents. So, we have brought you a list of devices that will give you with some peace of mind by tracking your teenager’s whereabouts. The best part is you can purchase any one of it from the easy to navigate online retailer, Amazon.

1. Wonbo Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker

If you are looking for a reliable GPS tracking device for kids that would be compatible with iOS and Android phones, then this would be a perfect option. It is made of high-grade silicone and comes with a wide range of features. It can be used by parents to know the live location of their kids remotely.

Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker
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  • This GPS tracking device for kids supports a dual tracking feature (GPS + LBS).
  • With GPS tracking, you can know the real-time location of your kids outdoors. The LBS tracking is used to get a precise location of your kids inside.
  • You can also set geo-fences and get notifications whenever your kids would leave or enter a restricted area.
  • It includes SOS voice calling and anti-lost features for emergencies.
  • Supports a micro SIM card that allows parents to call their kids (and vice-versa).
  • It also features a fitness tracker and pedometer to make sure that your kids won’t follow a sedentary lifestyle.

2. GPS Tracker for Vehicles

This portable and lightweight auto tracking device from Ablegrid is very for keeping track of your kid’s location.

10 Best Teen GPS Tracking Devices for Parents
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  • Being very lightweight, you can give it your kid’s pouch when he is going out with his friends or for his classes.
  • Since it’s portable and does not come with additional wires, you can fix it anywhere.
  • With the latest GPS chip, you can get the accurate location of your kid.
  • Using the Google map to know the tracking route and all the places your kid has been.
  • Enjoy lifetime warranty on this product.
  • Using the geo-fencing feature know when your child enters any forbidden area.

3. Kids Smart Watch Phone GPS Tracker

Your child will love to wear this cool teen GPS tracking device from iGeeKid and impart you with peace.

10 Best Teen GPS Tracking Devices for Parents
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  • Your kid can wear this advanced waterproof model without fear of water damage.
  • You can track your kid's location remotely using the app or form website or through the message.
  • The watch can be used to send text messages to any number from the phonebook.
  • Be in touch with your kid through calls.
  • Use the remote camera to know his surroundings.
  • Using the SOS button, he can make calls to 3 emergency numbers.
  • One challenge is that if your kid is above eight years old, he might find it to be childish.

4. TKSTAR Smartwatch with Camera

The sleek looking watch from Juneo is something that your child will not part with, thus making your life simpler.

10 Best Teen GPS Tracking Devices for Parents
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at Amazon
  • As good as a phone with two way calling feature, LBS and GPS location tracker, voice chat and camera.
  • Your child can make SOS calls to three numbers at a time by just pressing the button for 3 seconds.
  • Set the no disturb mode for the watch when the child is in a classroom.
  • Remotely control the watch’s functionality and know about his surrounding by activating the camera.
  • An inbuilt alarm clock is convenient when you are not with your kid.
  • Challenge: unclear product manual.

5. Smart Watch for Kids GPS Tracker

A touchscreen smart watch cum phone for multiple uses is now available from Owl Cole in smart looking yellow colour.

10 Best Teen GPS Tracking Devices for Parents
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at Amazon
  • You can save up to 10 numbers in the phone book and use the device to make 2-way calls.
  • Use the GPS and LBS feature to know the places your child is going to and ensure his safety.
  • Using the SOS button, your kid can send messages to 3 numbers whenever he feels that he is in any danger.
  • It is loaded with exciting and informative games which can help his development.
  • The alarm clock and stopwatch are very convenient when you are not around.
  • The remote camera and remote voice monitor can keep you posted about the kid’s surroundings.
  • Challenge: the device will not function without 2G network.

6. IP68 Waterproof Kid Smart Watch Phone GPS Tracker

Get this watch from Synmila, and you will be happy to find a free SIM card from Speedtalk included.

10 Best Teen GPS Tracking Devices for Parents
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at Amazon
  • The ISP67 waterproof device protects it from water. So, let your kid wear it without the fear of damage.
  • The auto tracking device can keep you updated about the precise location of your kid.
  • He can use the touchscreen to make 2-way phone calls, send messages, play games and take pictures.
  • The remote voice recorder can update you about his surroundings.
  • Whenever in danger he can use the SOS emergency alarm to notify you.
  • You can control the watch remotely and shut it down whenever he is in school.
  • Challenge: it is not supported by Verizon network carrier.

7. DUIWOIM Kids Smart Watch, Accurate GPS Tracker Phone Watches

This IP67 waterproof watch from Duiwoim can be the perfect gift for your kid.

10 Best Teen GPS Tracking Devices for Parents
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at Amazon
  • The triple positioning method based on AGPS, LBS and WIFI can give you the most precise location of your kid.
  • The watch can be used for making 2-ways calls.
  • Your child can wear to the swimming pools at ease.
  • The SOS feature can help your child in emergency situations by making calls to emergency numbers.
  • The watch comes with an inbuilt feature which restricts it usage (except SOS) during specific times of the day. Thus your child can concentrate on his classes.
  • Challenge: it cannot send text messages.

8. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker

This small tracking device from SpyTech can be fixed to your kid’s vehicle and keep you updated about his location.

10 Best Teen GPS Tracking Devices for Parents
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at Amazon
  • Know his real-time location using the teen GPS tracking device.
  • Get a historical data of his positions.
  • Very compact and can be affixed anywhere.
  • The geo-fencing feature will alert you when the kid enters or leave any area.

9. AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker. XW Series

A fast and updated tracking device is sure to make your life simpler.

10 Best Teen GPS Tracking Devices for Parents
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at Amazon
  • You can use the handy and mini device to track your kid’s location accurately.
  • Be posted on your kid’s movements.
  • Get location history for one year.
  • Track from any iPhone, Android phone or desktop.
  • A good battery back-up will ensure it is never turned off.
  • Know if your kid enters any forbidden area or switches off the device.
  • Challenge: Costlier as compared to other providers.

10. GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0

Track your kid's movements conveniently using this auto tracking device.

10 Best Teen GPS Tracking Devices for Parents
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at Amazon
  • The location tracker is upgraded every 10 sec keeps you updated about kid’s location.
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android.
  • SOS button can be handy for your kid.
  • Get historical data if you miss out on the real-time view.
  • Know when he enters any restricted area.
  • SIM card and data plan are included in the purchase.

11. Kids Smart Watch Phone GPS Tracker

This Smartwatch from Xenzy can be the all in one solution for your kid’s safety.

10 Best Teen GPS Tracking Devices for Parents
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at Amazon
  • Use the teen GPS tracking device to know the real-time location of your kid.
  • Has all the features of a smartphone like two ways calling, and voice chat option.
  • Using the SOS calls function he can contact three numbers at one go by just pressing on a button for a few seconds.
  • Control the camera remotely and click pictures of the environment your child.
  • Set the device on anti-disturb during school hours.
  • One challenge is that there are only three available colours and the price of each is different.

There various teen GPS tracking devices available online and can be purchased from retailers like Amazon at a good deal. So, get one auto tracking device and bless yourself with some peace.

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